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DeMarco Henry

Brother of Aaron Henry, Philadelphia 76ers

Gary Harris

NBA, Orlando Magic

Cobie Dillard

Coach O's Son, Senior at Jackson State

I’ve known Coach Omar for a very long time…since we were both young fathers trying to navigate the often crazy, ultra competitive youth sports landscape. This course he has created is so on point! His perspectives (based on his extensive parenting/coaching experience) offer much clarity, and can go a long way toward helping parents to provide a beneficial and enjoyable youth sports experience. It’s the right message at the right time, in my opinion!

Michael Porter Sr

Father of 2 NBA Players: Michael Porter JR (Denver Nuggets) & Jontay Porter (Memphis Grizzlies)

I am a dad of a Freshmen basketball player and was looking to learn more about how to support him as he begins his HS career. My wife and I both played college athletics but understand many things have changed since we were in college. The YSN program was just what we needed to update our knowledge on how to navigate high school sports, travel sports, and gain a better understanding of what is ahead. We believe our son has the talent to play at the collegiate level and we plan to use this program as a guide to help him reach his goal. This program is ABSOLUTELY worth every penny and I encourage you to invest in yourself and your student athlete. 

Kelin Mark

Father of a HS Freshman Basketball Player

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Why Youth Sports Navigator?

Navigate the Youth Sports Journey Successfully

The Youth Sports Navigator™ will not only help you move through the journey, but also make sure your child gets as much out of their experience as possible. There are some critical things that can be done from a parent perspective ahead of time so both parties have an enjoyable and successful athletic endeavor!

Earn Athletic & Academic Scholarships

In today’s world, there are plenty of opportunities to earn scholarships for both academics and athletics. However, it takes proper guidance from the parent, the right student athlete, and a lot of hard work in order to be in position to receive any awards at all.

Learn the Real Benefits of Playing Sports

Children who play sports gain a variety of benefits. Some physical, some social and others academic are all related to playing sports as a child. Children build self-esteem from being active in the community while learning life lessons about teamwork and leadership along the way. The Youth Sports Navigator™ will cover many of those Real Benefits.