Meet Coach O

Omar Dillard, “Coach O” is a son and grandson to lifelong educators of young people. He grew up as a multi-sport athlete playing basketball, football, and baseball, and continued his athletic career playing football collegiately at Kansas State University and Kentucky State University.

Coach O is a lifelong learner, creator, entrepreneur, educator, coach and passionate developer of young people. Whether it is his work in developing young athletes into professionals on the basketball court, or professionals in the business world, Coach O will help kids bring out every ounce of ability they have and maximize it to its highest use!

Coach O has been working with young people and coaching over the past 19 years. He has coached youth football, travel basketball and now a Head Varsity High School Basketball Coach in Indianapolis, IN. He has been blessed to work with some incredible kids and families over the years, and fortunate over this time to see the evidence manifested of the teachings and coaching he has provided to these young athletes. To see many of them now as young adults who are thriving, confident and driven to make a difference is extremely gratifying.

Coach O is a husband of 24 years, to wife Anitra, and a father of two children, Cobie and Nina, who have grown up playing multiple sports and now successfully carving out their own paths and developing their lives as young adults. Coach O enjoyed watching them grow up through sports and enjoyed the many successes and lessons along the way.

Transparency from Coach O’s personal experiences as a dad:

When reflecting over the youth sports journey of his children, he realized how many mistakes were made while navigating those years. There were some bad situations his kids had to work through that were damaging to their mind, spirit and confidence at the time. However, the perseverance, resilience and determination planted in his children enabled them to become unbelievably powerful and focused on their greatness!

What is important to note: every child is different, even siblings in the same family. The height, weight, athleticism, when they grow, how fast they learn, whether they are younger or older for their class, their confidence level, etc…all has a bearing on your young athlete. That “uniqueness” is often overlooked when making decisions for your child. In today’s social media “look at me culture,” there is considerably more stress and pressure for your child to perform, frankly that we didn’t grow up with. It’s critical that you help guide your child to good situations for them where they can grow, develop, and explore their ability, and put them in position for them to earn athletic and academic scholarships.