Success Stories

The information provided by Coach Dillard went beyond my expectations. Having been involved in sports for most of my life, and as well, heavily engaged in youth developmental work, Coach Dillard offers sound developmental advice for aspiring athletes, and his personalism and professionalism are without measure! He not only has done the research to offer insight for parents, but he has the experience as an athlete, father and coach in both high school and grade school athletics. He is also a man of high integrity. I highly recommend his courses if you are a dedicated parent working to arm yourself with practical and innovative information for your child’s development.

Troy Harden

Professor at Texas A&M University

Coach Dillard’s program was very informative. It really breaks down a lot of areas for parents to help develop and educate their athlete to making sound decisions. The concept of the “driven athlete” was very enlightening. It helped to visualize and pinpoint key areas parents can discuss with their athlete. More importantly, it shows how parents can play a vital role in the growth and development of their athlete during middle school and high school years. One of the most important takeaways we had from the program was Coach Dillard’s perspective on overcoming various forms of adversity. Coach Dillard understands the process parents and athletes go through and his knowledge and insights displayed throughout the program were truly helpful. A very useful tool for both parents and athletes!

Fred Booker

Father of Xavier Booker, Holds Multiple Division I Offers

Coach Omar not only coached our son in basketball, he helped instill life values. He helped Wyatt realize he needed to go hard at all times and to always put the extra work in. He helped give him the confidence to never back down from anything or anyone on and off the court. We will forever be grateful for him and his God given abilities to bring out the best in people. Once you meet Coach O, you’re family!

Missy Hughes

Mother of Wyatt Hughes, Former Player of Coach O

Coach O was great to work with in the development of my son Jon Ross. Coach O helped develop the skills that was needed to prepare for the next level. Jon Ross won a State Championship in Indiana, in 2016 and went on to play collegiately at Rollins College in Florida.

Darrell Richardson

Father of John Ross Richardson, Former Player of Coach O

Simply stated, this course should be a part of any parent’s tool kit that is seeking to navigate the world of youth sports, in particular basketball. We all desire the best for our children, and as the parent of two Division 1 student athletes I’m often sought after for advice that I freely share. Now, for the first time ever, Coach O has captured a “one-stop-shop-blueprint” covering all the essential information in a step-by-step guide. I highly recommend Youth Sports Navigator be added to your collection. #eXcapeTheOrdinary

Chris Gunn

Father of CJ Gunn, Indiana University 2022 Commit

Eric Hunter Jr
Point Guard at Purdue University

James Henry
Father of Aaron Henry, NBA Guard, Philadelphia 76ers

Bridget Hunter
Mother of Eric Hunter Jr, Purdue

Eric Hunter Sr
Father of Eric Hunter Jr, Purdue

Gary Harris Sr
Team Harris 14 Program Director

There is a human side to all of this. This is the night of the draft, just before it started.

Aaron Henry
NBA Rookie, Philadelphia 76ers