Bundle 1st – 7th Grade (For Parent & Athlete)

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In these courses, I provide a Roadmap (Navigator) for Parents and Young Student Athletes who are just starting out in Sports, through the 7th Grade.

The Student Athlete Course will teach your Kid how to prepare themselves to compete in sports (centered around basketball), and also show them the REAL BENEFITS they receive from competing in sports that stick with them forever.

The Parent Course will help you increase your preparedness in how you guide and support your Kid on the Youth Sports Journey and beyond.

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I will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding the REAL BENEFITS of the Game
  • How to choose a Travel (AAU) Team…Challenges & Benefits
  • Importance of building a Strong Academic Foundation
  • Camp Life….How to WIN at Camps and gain exposure
  • Skill and Body Development
  • Playing Multiple Sports
  • CONFIDENCE and Mind Development
  • Re-classifying Your Kid: Holding Kid back a Grade
  • Performing an Assessment with (C.O.T) Circle of Trust

These courses are in video format and You and your Student Athlete will be able to watch them as many times as You like, therefore there is a no refund policy. Good Success on your journey!

Thank You!

Coach O

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